LIVKRAFT La Jolla's Wellness-Inspired Father’s Day Gift Guide

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LIVKRAFT La Jolla’s Wellness-Inspired Father’s Day Gift Guide is here! What don’t Dad’s do for us? Let’s give these superheroes the recognition they deserve. Dad’s are always looking out for our best interest, so let’s look out for theirs. Help Dad look and feel his best this Father’s Day with the best health and wellness inspired gifts!

Livkraft lobby in La Jolla

For the Dad Who Needs a Day of Relaxation and Recovery:

Day Pass at Livkraft Wellness La Jolla

A day at the spa, recovery style. Yes, Dad’s deserve to treat themselves, too! Treat Dad to a Day Pass at San Diego’s best self care and recovery spa, Livkraft Wellness located in the heart of downtown La Jolla! A day of self care to help Dad recover to his full potential, the best you can give. For $149, enjoy unlimited services for the day at Livkraft La Jolla! With treatments like Whole Body Cryotherapy, Infrared Saunas, and Red-Light Therapy, Dad will leave Livkraft Wellness feeling rejuvenated, energized, and recovered. What better way to thank him? Purchase the Day Pass at Livkraft Jolla.

Wellness Inspired Four Sigmatic Coffee Subscription for Dad

For the Coffee Lover:

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Subscription for Dad

Next on our wellness gift guide, a Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Subscription. Make Dad’s morning, every morning with a coffee subscription. Not just any coffee, medicinal mushroom coffee! If you’re unfamiliar with Four Sigmatic or the power of medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens, the sound of mushroom coffee may have you questioning our judgment. Trust us, Dad will thank you for this health inspired gift! Every month Dad will receive a fresh ground bag of organic, fair-trade coffee beans ready to brew and sip. We love Four Sigmatic’s Dark Roast ‘Think’ Blend made with Lion’s Mane and Chaga. These two superfoods will help your already Super Dad protect his brain, improve cognition, reduce inflammation and boost his mood… with every delicious sip! Sign Dad up for Four Sigmatic’s coffee subscription. For a discount on your entire Four Sigmatic purchase, use our code LIVKRAFT!

Wellness Inspired Muse Meditation Headpiece and App

For the Dad who Needs Mindfulness:

Muse Meditation Headpiece and App

Whether Dad meditates or not, he will be sure to appreciate this mindful Father’s Day gift. For the Dad who does it all, give him the tools he needs to relax, rest, and enjoy time to himself. For meditation made easy, choose Muse Meditation. Muse Meditation will help Dad experience mindful mornings and prepare for well-rested nights. The Muse headpiece provides read time feedback on your mind and body during your meditation, sending insights to their Muse App to help you reach the ultimate state of calm. Muse uses the sounds of weather to translate your brain and body activity, helping to improve your meditation practice. When your mind is active during your meditation, the sounds of weather are stormy and heightened. Once your mind relaxes back to a calming state, the sounds of the storm settles. The muse app provides meditations focused on sleep, performance, and stress plus over 300 guided meditations to choose from! Dad will be on his way to the most relaxed, mindful version of himself with the gift of meditation!

Chili Mattress Topper for a Restful Night's Sleep for Dad

For the Dad who Needs to Recharge and Rest:

Chili Mattress Topper for a Restful Night's Sleep

A gift all Dad’s could use more of, sleep. Is Dad sacrificing a quality night’s sleep for lack of time or comfort? Turn to Chili Technology, the science-backed sleep solution missing in Dad’s life. This health-inspired gift is the best cooling mattress pad for a restful night's sleep. Dad will be excited for Father’s Day to end just so he can use his new gift! What makes Chili Technology’s mattress pad superior? This isn’t just any mattress pad. Chili Technology utilized the research behind temperature-controlled environments for improved sleep to create the ultimate sleep environment. With the Chili Sleep System, you’ll never wake up hot again. This innovative sleep system consists of a hydro-powered mattress pad and thermal regulating control unit to regulate the temperature of your bed while providing the comfort of a mattress. The cooling system works to manage body temperature helping to keep your body cool while allowing for a deep, restful night’s sleep. This wellness inspired Father’s Day, give Dad the comfort he needs for the rest he deserves.

Personalized Health for Dad with the Oura Ring

For the Dad who wants to improve his health: Gift the Oura Ring for Personalized Health

Oura Ring– The ultimate health and wellness gift -- personalized health from the power of a ring! The Oura Ring may be small, but the data is mighty. Want to give Dad tangible data about his health with insights about his sleep, performance, and recovery? The Oura Ring is the perfect Father’s Day gift. The sleek, stylish ring provides personal insights through The Oura Ring App on factors like body temperature, heart rate, respiratory and sleep quality (Deep, REM, and light sleep). The Oura Ring App provides feedback and suggestions on how current lifestyle factors are impacting your quality of life and performance, as well as tips to improve and optimize recovery and sleep. Help Dad harness his full potential, just imagine what he would be capable of! Gift Dad the Oura Ring.  

Look and Feel your Best with a Livkraft La Jolla Membership

For the Dad who Wants to Look and Feel His Best:

Livkraft Wellness La Jolla Membership

Give the gift of Livkraft La Jolla. For Dad’s who are active, on-the-go, trying to improve their health, stressed, or just don’t prioritize themselves enough, give the gift that keeps on giving. A monthly membership at San Diego’s best health and wellness spa, Livkraft Wellness! Let Dad know just how much you appreciate him by giving him the opportunity to take time for himself daily. Help him look (and most importantly) feel his best. With a range of membership options, San Diego’s best spa, Livkraft Wellness, has the perfect membership plan for any Father. Purchase Dad a Membership at Livkraft Wellness La Jolla.

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