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Looking for a free and effective workout that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere? Running. No equipment or experience needed! In Southern California we're lucky enough to have the perfect weather for running outdoors nearly year-round. As May gray and June gloom give way to clear, sunny skies, we see a steady rise in runners and with that comes a rise in injuries. Whether you consider yourself a marathoner or you’ve never run a mile in your life, prioritizing recovery is vital!

Studies show 40-50% of all runners get injured on a yearly basis! When you want to prioritize recovery and prevent injury there is only one place to go. Head to the best Recovery and Self-Care Spa in San Diego, Livkraft La Jolla. Utilize The Livkraft La Jolla Runner’s Protocol to Recovery and Injury Prevention to keep your feet hitting the pavement.



The Localized Fire & Ice Treatment at Livkraft La Jolla is a must for all runners. The 17 minute treatment will help prevent running induced injury and speed recovery time when injuries occur. The contrast therapy utilizes localized hot and cold treatments to enhance recovery while reducing pain and injury.


The “Fire” treatment begins with a soothing 10 minutes of warm red and infrared LightStim Localized Red Light Therapy. What does the localized Red Light Therapy do? Livkraft La Jolla’s LightStim Red Light Therapy helps to ease pain and speed the body’s natural healing process. A runner's dream! Common areas of injury and discomfort for runners include feet, shins, ankles and knees. The Red Light panel can be placed on any area to help alleviate pain or inflammation from a cellular level.


For best results, follow Red Light Therapy with Localized Cryotherapy, or the “ice” portion of the treatment. Livkraft La Jolla’s Localized Cryotherapy Therapy provides targeted relief on a deeper level to the localized area. Utilizing state of the art technology, a concentrated stream of liquid nitrogen vapor is applied to the area of pain or injury.  At temperatures of -260 ℉, the nitrogen vapors elicit a pain relief response to the top layer of skin while reducing swelling and inflammation on a deeper level. This results in reduced joint and muscle pain and soreness while speeding injury recovery time!

Should you book the Fire & Ice treatment even if you aren’t injured? Absolutely! Utilizing Livkraft’s Fire & Ice contrast therapy in common areas of injury will reduce the risk of running induced injury and keep you logging miles!

Learn More about Localized Red Light Therapy and Localized Cryotherapy at Livkraft La Jolla.

Woman getting localized cryotherapy at Livkraft in La Jolla


Exercise your cells so you can exercise your body! Preventing injury and maximizing performance are essential to keeping the body in healthy running condition. Learn why PEMF therapy is crucial for runners!

PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic field, is an energy course that aids the body’s natural healing process. In a process known as cellular exercise, cells pump out waste allowing for fresh nutrients and oxygen to be taken in. As your body comes back to optimal electrical balance, the risk of injury is reduced while recovery time and performance improve! Consider adding PEMF Therapy to your regular recovery routine as a preventative measure to support healthy cells and tissues, reducing the risk of running injuries!

If you feel pain, soreness, or injury, speed recovery time with PEMF spot treatment. Feet, ankles, shins and knees are common areas of injuries for runners. Using magnetic field currents through PEMF accessories such as panels or rings will help bring the depleted areas back to balance!

Learn More about PEMF Therapy at Livkraft La Jolla


Normatec Compression Therapy, a runner’s sanctuary. If you’ve ever used Livkraft La Jolla’s Normatec Compression, you know it’s heaven on earth for the legs and the hips. Feeling stiff and sore? Normatec Compression Therapy at Livkraft La Jolla will have you lacing up your sneakers in no time.

Enjoy Normatec Compression Therapy for up to 45 minutes, maximizing recovery time while you sit back and relax. Through pulsing technology, Normatec Compression increases blood flow and maximizes circulation throughout the body. Ideal for runners, this treatment promotes lymphatic drainage, aids in the removal of toxins such as lactic acid, decreases muscle pain and soreness, and even provides immediate relief from the feeling of “heavy legs”. Try this treatment after a long run, when you’re feeling sore, or anytime you’re looking to enhance recovery!

Learn more about Normatec Compression Therapy at Livkraft La Jolla

Follow the Livkraft Injury Prevention and Recovery protocol for runners to continue taking strides in your newfound quarantine exercise routine!

For additional injury prevention tips, we went straight to the experts for advice

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For the best injury prevention tips for runners, who better to speak to than Livkraft’s own Dr. CJ Epstein of Team Elite Chiropractic. For the best chiropractic services in San Diego, visit Dr. CJ  Epstein. As a part of Livkraft La Jolla’s wellness co-work, you’ll find Dr. Epstein at Livkraft La Jolla offering chiropractic services through Team Elite Chiropractic. Dr. Epstein currently serves as the San Diego Padres Team Chiropractor, and is an expert in his field. We asked Dr. CJ Epstein for his best tips on injury prevention for runners.

1. Warm up before going for a run

We’ve all heard it before, but how many of you actually warm up before you head out on a run? Dr. CJ Epstein says, it’s important to include a “true warm up, not just a ‘first mile warm up’ in order to loosen up all tissues and prime the muscles in the body”. What does a true warm up look like? Dr. CJ Epstein explains it’s most beneficial to include a dynamic warm up prior to your run. Dynamic Exercises include walking lunges, skips, and starting off with light movement as you progress into more explosive movement. Dr. Epstein says, “Part of that is to incorporate side to side movement– running is very linear. Including side ways or rotational exercises such as side shuffles or leg crossovers help to warm the body up in all 3 planes rather than just sagittal (forward motion).”

2. Static Stretching Post Run

Dr. CJ Epstein explains the importance of static stretching for injury prevention after a run. Sorry runners, a quick quad stretch won’t cut it! While this post run static stretch does not need to be lengthy, Dr. Epstein says, “at least five minutes of static stretching is ideal”. As to what areas to stretch? That is highly individual! Focus on any areas of tightness or soreness. For many runners this includes the quads, hamstrings, and calves.

“One of the most important aspects of static stretching is breathing”, says Dr. Epstein. “Hold for a count of 30 seconds, but remember to breathe. A good reference point is using a 5 breath count during each stretch. The more you breathe, the more your muscles relax”.

Woman stretching after a workout

3. Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a great preventative tool for runners to utilize when prioritizing recovery. This can be in the form of a foam roller, lacrosse ball, or other tools such as Hyperice Recovery products! (We love the Hyperice Hypervolt!)

What areas should you focus on?

This will be dependent upon areas of pain, injury or soreness. Dr. Epstein suggests focusing on the bottoms of feet, hamstrings, quads, calves, and hip flexors.

When is the best time to perform myofascial release techniques?

Dr. Epstein explains it can be beneficial for injury prevention both before and after a run, but the mechanism of movement will look differently.

  • PRE-WORKOUT: When utilizing myofascial release before a run, Dr, Epstein recommends “focusing on excitatory movements. Shorter, quick movements are ideal to warm up the body and activate the muscles.” Try foam rolling your whole body to wake up all your muscles! When focusing on an individual area, use quick bursts of movement rather than holding the position.
  • POST-WORKOUT: Myofascial release post workout should focus on recovery, Dr. Epstein explains. “Find a tight spot and sink into it for 5-10 breaths, allowing the muscles to loosen up and relax”.

How does a runner know if orthotics would be beneficial to injury prevention?

Dr. CJ Epstein explains this is a case by case situation. Whether a runner needs orthotics is highly individual, but there are some telling factors! Dr. Epstein says, “if you know you are flat footed or tend to pronate, this may indicate the need for orthotics”. If you feel you may benefit from orthotics, it is important to seek professional advice! Always ensure you speak with a trained professional and receive a proper assessment before investing in a pair of orthotics. Dr. CJ Epstein creates customized orthotics for his patients when insoles are necessary!

To receive an assessment with Dr. CJ Epstein schedule an appointment! To learn more about Dr. Epstein and his Chiropractic practice, Team Elite Chiropractic, visit his website.

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