Flu Season Tips

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There’s no denying flu season is here. Feel the pesky virus coming on? There’s only one place you need to go. Head to Livkraft Wellness, La Jolla’s one stop recovery shop, for all your recovery needs. Whether you’ve caught the flu or you’re doing everything to avoid it, Livkraft La Jolla will help you recover and have you feeling your best. 


What can you do to prevent the flu or lessen the severity of your symptoms?


Try a quick 3-minute freeze in negative degree temperatures. Whole Body Cryotherapy at Livkraft Wellness La Jolla is a great immune booster, helping flood your body with enriched blood and fresh nutrients while decreasing inflammation. When your body is exposed to extreme cold (think up to -220 degree temps!) all the blood is rushed to your core to protect your vital organs. When you step out of the chamber, your body is flooded with a fresh supply of nutrients and re-oxygenated blood, aiding the recovery process, fighting inflammation and boosting your immune system. 

Book a Whole Body Cryotherapy session at Livkraft La Jolla

Book a cryotherapy session at Livkraft


After Cryo, walk down the hall straight into the infrared sauna. The Infrared heat is the best detoxifier. Sweat out any impurities and toxins as you boost your immune system, helping your body fight off any foreseeable illnesses. Different than a traditional sauna, infrared heat results in a sweat from the inside out, allowing your body to sweat out toxins rather than just water. Make sure you’re drinking water before, during, and after your sweat session to stay properly hydrated!

Book an Infrared Sauna Session at Livkraft La Jolla

Book an infrared sauna session at Livkraft


Speaking of hydration - for the ultimate immunity booster, visit Dr. Leslie Black, Livkraft La Jolla's Naturopathic Doctor for a nutrient IV. Dr. Leslie recommends the combination of Vitamin C, Glutathione, Zinc, and extra fluids to help prevent your body from getting sick!

Book IV Therapy at Livkraft La Jolla

Book an IV therapy treatment at Livkraft

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