Cryotherapy Facial: Better than Botox

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Cryotherapy Facial, better than Botox. Yes, we said it! Are you looking for a natural alternative to tight, bright skin? Swap the botox injections for a quick cryotherapy freeze. This relaxing, non-invasive treatment is not only effective, but enjoyable too. Maintaining our youth is our most prized possession. Glowing, youthful skin is the goal, and the Cryotherapy Facial at Livkraft Jolla is the means. 


Relax at Livkraft La Jolla as a 7-minute Cryotherapy Facial with a refreshing mist of liquid nitrogen vapors is guided over the face using state-of-the-art technology. Close your eyes and relax as a wave of cooled air gently glides over your skin, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated within minutes. With temperatures at -260°F, the cooled air penetrates into the deep layers of the tissue increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, stimulating collagen production, and tightening your skin. If you’re new to cryotherapy this may sound intimidating, but trust me, this tranquil treatment is the refresh you never knew you needed. No, we won’t actually freeze your face off! While the stream of nitrogen vapor is in fact -260°F, the Cryo Penguin machine is equipped with sensors, measuring your skin temperature throughout the entire treatment to ensure comfort and safety. 


So why is Frotox the new Botox? While Botox may be effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles, it’s not actually promoting youthful skin. Think of Botox as a band aid. It’s a quick-fix for younger looking skin, but Botox will not prevent wrinkles from reappearing. 


What is Botox exactly?

Botox is a toxin injected into muscles to temporarily smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This non-surgical cosmetic treatment works by temporarily paralyzing the muscle, blocking certain chemical signals from nerves – most notably those that cause the muscle to contract. 


While the injections take about 10 minutes with results appearing 24-48 hours later, the effects only last up to 4 months. This means every 4 months, you’ll need another injection in order to keep your fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Yes, it’s a quick procedure with instantaneous results, but is it really worthwhile? 


At Livkraft La Jolla, we’re all about prevention. Instant gratification is nice, but we like to think long-term. If you’re looking for a natural, lasting, anti-aging treatment, opt for Livkraft’s Cryotherapy Facial! While results may not be as immediate as Botox, you are actually stimulating the production of collagen in the body, preventing wrinkles from forming rather than remedying them once they appear. 

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What is collagen and why is it so important?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin and could also be considered our “fountain of youth”. Collagen is what makes the skin firm, tight, and youthful. Overtime, factors such as UV rays, stress, and toxins, cause collagen levels to deplete. Wrinkles, under eye bags, and sagging skin are all signs our body is producing less collagen. Increasing collagen production is key to keeping our youthful, radiant skin!


Rather than injecting anything synthetic into your body to conceal signs of aging, counteract the entire aging process with a Cryotherapy Facial at Livkraft Wellness La Jolla as you naturally stimulate the production of collagen. Just one Cryo Facial will leave your skin feeling tight and bright, and with consistent treatments, you will see lasting results! 


This alternative treatment is not only better for your body, it’s also better for your wallet! For the average price of just one Botox treatment per single area, you could receive a Cryotherapy Facial Every. Single. Day with a monthly membership at Livkraft La Jolla. The facial is just one of many daily treatments at your exposure. When you sign up for a luxury self care membership at Livkraft, at a bare minimum you have access to Whole Body Cryo, Infrared Sauna, Normatec Compression and Localized Cryotherapy every day in addition to your daily Cryo Facial. Red Light Therapy, Float Therapy and PEMF Therapy may be included in your daily round up as well, depending on the membership level you choose. Sign up for a luxury self care membership at Livkraft La Jolla!


While consistency is key for optimal results, your skin will feel firm and radiant with just a single treatment at an affordable cost. Freeze the anti-aging clock and opt for this preventative treatment. Head to Livkraft La Jolla for the coolest way to glowing, younger skin in just 7 minutes.

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