Best Boutique Fitness in San Diego 

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Looking for the best boutique fitness studios in San Diego? We’ve sweat it out all over the city so you don’t have to. To make the most of your time and money, we’ve narrowed down our top 3 favorite studios in each category! Bring a friend, sweat it out, and then meet us at Livkraft to recover ;) 




Trilogy Yoga

Trilogy Sanctuary lives up to its name and then some. This hidden La Jolla haven is a wellness lover’s dream. Looking to work up a sweat, form new connections, enjoy nourishing food, and even do some shopping? Trilogy checks all the boxes. With a 100% vegan café overlooking the city, rooftop ariel and infrared yoga, and a trendy, sustainable boutique, this one stop shop is sure to be your home away from home. Trilogy Sanctuary in Downtown La Jolla offers a variety of yoga styles, with classes available for all levels of expertise. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced yogi, Trilogy welcomes you. With everything from Ariel yoga classes, Vinyasa style classes and Restorative yoga classes, you are bound to find something to suit your needs. Work up a sweat in Trilogy’s Infrared Yoga room, bend it out with rooftop Ariel yoga, or wind down with a meditation and stretch; no matter what you choose, your mind and body will thank you. 


New to trilogy? Check out their introductory offers!


Buddhi Yoga

This bright, open studio with floor to ceiling windows is home to some of the best yoga teachers in San Diego. Owners Amanda McCarroll and Carolina Vivas opened the studio in 2014, winning La Jolla Light’s Best La Jolla Yoga Studio 4 years in a row. With over 65 weekly classes and styles ranging from Vinyasa, to Kundalini, Restorative, Slow Flow, Prenatal, Kids and Teen Yoga, and FlowLift, there is something for everyone. Open 7 days a week, classes start as early as 6 am and are offered as late as 715 pm. If you can’t make it to the studio, Buddhi livestreams classes daily allowing you to follow along from home, as well as offers an online membership (free with an unlimited studio membership!) with access to over 200 on-demand classes so you can always make it to your mat. 


If you’re looking to take your practice to the next level, Buddhi offers 200-hour yoga teacher trainings as well as one-day FlowLIFT certifications, workshops, and special events. 


Wondering what Buddhi’s FlowLIFT class is all about? Unique to Buddhi, FlowLIFT is an innovative workout created by Amanda and Carolina to seamlessly combine yoga with resistance training. Imagine Buddhi’s signature Flow Class with added ankle weights and light dumbbells for the ultimate burn. Tone, lengthen, and strengthen in 45 minutes in a slightly heated room, while you mix cardio bursts, ab and booty work, and sun salutations together for a full body workout. 

After you sweat it out, shop around Shade Boutique, located inside the studio’s entrance. With brands like Alo, Wildfox, Koral, and Spiritual Gangster, you’ll walk out of Buddhi feeling your best and looking your best!


Buddhi offers memberships, drop in’s and new student rates. New to Buddhi? Try 2 weeks unlimited for $39! Discover why Buddhi has been named best La Jolla studio!


Prana Yoga

Deeply rooted in the La Jolla community you’ll find Prana Yoga. Founded in 2001 by La Jolla local Gerhard & Alexandra Gessner, this studio has been beloved by San Diegan’s for the past 19 years. Prana prides itself on its “non-dogmatic approach to yoga, recognizing that each body is different and everyone is welcome”. With over 45 different classes a week, there are different styles and levels to meet the needs of all students. Class styles include Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Prenatal, Teen Yoga, Happy Back/Wall Yoga, Senior Yoga, Handstand Practice and more!


Whether you’re looking to work up a sweat with a heated flow, slow it down with alignment-based movements or relax and restore your mind and body, you’re bound to walk away feeling your best. The online class schedule notates who the class was designed for, whether It be beginner or intermediate students, advanced, or all levels classes. Unique to Prana, the studio offers weekly handstand classes open to all-level students to work on inversions in a light-hearted atmosphere! 


If you’re looking to take your practice to the next level or are considering teaching yourself, Prana hosts several Yoga Teacher Training’s throughout the year. Offering both 200 and 300-hour teacher trainings as well as several specialty certifications, you have the opportunity to grow your foundation and deepen your practice. 


For new, local students, Prana offers a week unlimited for $30 or a month unlimited for $89



Pilates Plus La Jolla 

If you’re looking for a high intensity, low-impact workout, you’ve come to the right place. Pilates has one of those stereotypes for being easy, but don’t be fooled. Maybe you believe Pilates to be a recovery-based class or a workout geared toward women… for all the men out there reading, I’m here to tell you, Pilates Plus will have you sweating, cursing, and shaking! This is not just any type of Pilates… Pilates Plus specializes in Lagree Fitness, the only Lagree Fitness in La Jolla! Before you underestimate this workout, have you ever tried Lagree-style Pilates? It may just be the most humbling workout you’ve experienced. So what is lagree exactly, and why is it so different from traditional pilates?


The megaformer machines are what set apart lagree vs. traditional pilates. This killer machine, invented by Sebastian Lagree in the early 2000’s, is a force to be reckoned with. With more time under tension in a shorter length class, this low-impact, high intensity with have you lean, lengthened and defined. It’s no wonder celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen swear by this method. All classes are full-body style workouts, trust me – your core, arms, and legs will be on fire the entire 40 minutes as you activate and burn out all the tiny muscles you never knew existed. With only 13 mega-formers, classes fill up quick! When you go on their website, be on the lookout for last minute class deals. You can find a discounted class rate the day of classes, perfect for those that schedule on the fly. Bring a friend and feel the burn together, then walk one door over and visit us at Livkraft for some much needed recovery!


For new students, receive intro pricing on your first class


This Pilates-inspired full-body workout takes the traditional reformer class to another level. Bodyrok’s classes are 40 minutes long with two locations in San Diego, Del Mar and Encinitas. Prepare to lunge, plank and pike your way to a new level of soreness. In this hybrid Pilates class, combine methods of traditional Pilates with lagree fitness, ensuring your entire body gets worked and every little muscle is activated. 


Though this workout uses a reformer machine, you’ll get the intensity of a megaformer. The fast-paced moves accompanied with quick transitions keep your heart rate up, allowing you to get a high intensity workout that is low-impact. Your sweat level may not be indicative of how hard you worked, while you may not sweat a ton, prepare to be sore!  If you’re looking for the ultimate toning workout, you’ve come to the right studio. You won’t be able to rinse off here (although sweat level is minimal) but both studios offer restrooms, amenities, waters and towels. 


For new students, receive intro pricing on your first class and first month! 


Salt Hot Pilates

Salt Hot Pilates, the newest studio to hit Bankers Hill. Prepare to get sweaty at this brand-new San Diego studio. We’ve heard of infrared yoga, but infrared pilates!? Sign me up. Ditch the reformer and hit the floor with these mat-pilates classes. 


While all classes are open to students of all-levels, Salt offers multiple class styles so you can find the class most suitable for you. Classes are challenging, but instructors are readily available to assist with adjustments and modifications. 


Whether you’re a beginner or don’t have time to get sweaty, try Salt’s 3 non-heated classes, Zest, Cure and Pinch. Zest focuses on strength, breathe and flow, while utilizing props to add resistance. For a gentler class opt for Cure, a 30-minute strength class followed by 20 minutes of deep stretching to release and loosen muscles! When you’re in a pinch for time… the 45 minute mid-day class gives you the movement your body craves before heading back to work. 


When you’re looking to work up a sweat, the 50-minute Spice, Savor and Salty classes are heated to 85-90 degrees to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Take one of the traditional mat classes or opt for a higher intensity burn, either way this detoxifying sweat will challenge your body and leave you feeling lean. 


Unlike reformer-style pilates, no socks are needed for this workout. Bring a mat, towel (or rent them at the studio), water, and prepare to get sweaty. Don’t worry, you can leave the studio dry – there is a shower at the studio. Plan to arrive to class 15 minutes early to reserve a time slot!


If you’re new to Salt, take advantage of the intro offer, 2 class pass for $10 or the Grand Opening Special of $99/month!


Strength and Conditioning


F45 La Jolla 

Feel like you’re working out in the land down under while breaking a sweat in the heart of La Jolla. Evan Tyrrell and Luke Hartlust, two mates from Sydney Australia, brought the revolutionary aussie-based fitness franchise to San Diego when they opened one of the city’s first F45 in downtown La Jolla. Born in Sydney Australia, the fast bred Functional 45 has gained traction with stars such as Hugh Jackman, Nicole Richie, and Mark Wahlberg (who has since invested in the franchise) endorsing F45 for its effective, efficient workouts and transformative results.


During the 45-minute classes, expect a range of HIIT and circuit workouts with a focus on strength/resistance or cardio/conditioning, depending on the day of the week!  Monday, Wednesday and Fridays consist of cardio/conditioning classes, burning a surplus of calories (up to 800-1,000 in one session!) thanks to the benefits of HIIT training. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday classes are resistance/weight focused. Receive a personal training touch in a group-training atmosphere as knowledgeable trainers ensure you are moving properly with correct form, preventing injury while helping maximize results. Saturday’s 60-minute Hollywood classes are my personal favorite – sweat it out during a 27-station super circuit while a live DJ brings the party into the studio, motivating you through each station.


With over 8,000 exercises, you’ll never get bored. The workouts are always challenging and always changing. To kick off class, trainers demo each station and exercise, suggesting exercise modifications in order to accommodate all fitness levels. TV Monitors are set up around the room, demonstrating how to perform each exercise as you move through station to station giving trainers the ability to be more hands on.


To challenge yourself further, the studio hosts an 8-week body transformation challenge every quarter to transform your body and ultimately transform your life. During these 8 weeks you’ll receive daily nutrition plans, have unlimited access to classes, receive one-on-one support from your La Jolla coaches, and get to know other challengers outside of the gym. The studio is more than a gym, inside you’ll find a community of like-minded people looking to see results and have fun. With beach workouts, member events, and brunches, you’ll be sure to build a new community of mates while you burn fat, tone up, and build muscle!


New to F45 La Jolla? When you visit us at Livkraft for a treatment, ask our Livkraft Team for a F45 La Jolla class card and get your first week at F45 La Jolla free


Orange Theory Fitness La Jolla

With locations popping up all across the country, it’s no surprise Downtown La Jolla houses an Orange Theory Fitness studio located just blocks away from our recovery center at Livkraft. This heart-rate inspired, high-intensity workout will have you burning calories all day long. In the 60-minute class you will receive a full-body workout, with a focus on endurance, strength, and power. While the workout is in a group-setting environment, the heart rate monitors personalize the experience allowing you to measure your individual heart rate and performance goals. When wearing Orange Theory’s OTbeat heart rate monitor, your results are displayed on a TV screens throughout the studio, motivating you to compete with yourself as well as your partners.


The intensity of your workout is based on your individual heart-rate zone, making the class accessible to all fitness levels. The class focuses on a 5-zone heart-rate based intensity, with the focus on Zone 3 (challenging) Zone 4 (uncomfortable) and Zone 5 (maximum effort). The class is set up to have a minimum of 12 minutes in Zone 4 and 5 to achieve EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), producing an “after-burn” effect, increasing your metabolic rate up to 36 hours post exercise! You’ll be dripping in sweat, but thankful when you’re sitting on your couch burning those calories away. After class, head down the street to Lululemon or grab a juice at our favorite local shop, Juice Crafters. If you want to give your metabolism the ultimate boost, join us for 3 minutes of cryo post-workout! The best way to speed recovery and prevent soreness after a grueling class.



Spark Cycle

At the corner of Fay Ave and Silverado Street you’ll find SPARKCYCLE. This spinning studio located in downtown La Jolla has a loyal following of riders traveling from all over the city. While Spin Studios can have a reputation of being cult-like, this studio is quite the opposite. SPARKCYCLE is all about creating an environment where you enjoy spending time and look forward to going. The classes are fun, challenging, and rewarding, so you leave feeling mentally stimulated and physically invigorated. This 45-minute, full body workout is entirely beat driven; every song and choreographed movement is designed to work not only your legs, but also your core and arms. 


SPARKCYCLE offers a complete full-body workout in only 45 minutes. Every class ensures each rider burns calories, tones muscles, increases cardiovascular strength and endurance, and most importantly, has fun. Every instructor goes out of their way to make all students feel welcome, while pushing you to your limits. Clip into your bike with complimentary Shimano rental shoes, get lost in the music during your 45-minute ride,and then cool off with a refreshing cold eucalyptus towel. The SPARKCYCLE studio also includes lockers, showers, Malin + Goetz products, and retail space with exclusive SPARKCYCLE-branded lululemon items.


SPARKCYCLE is built on the community of riders pushing each other to do their best and enjoy the ride. In the 5+ years SPARKCYCLE has been in La Jolla Village, it has become as much of a staple among locals as it is a must-visit for the many tourists throughout the year. In April 2017, SPARKCYCLE opened its second location in Liberty Station and has continued to grow its following in San Diego.


SPARKCYCLE also offers private and charity rides where riders can rent out the entire studio and host anything from a corporate outing to a birthday or bachelorette party or raise money for a philanthropic cause. 


Use code “LIVKRAFT” for a free first class. 


Soul Cycle UTC 

Stop by UTC’s Westfield Mall for a heart-throbbing sweat. Yes, this outdoor shopping mall has got it all. Tucked away in the center of the shopping plaza, you’ll find the infamous Soul Cycle spin studio, which of course made its way to San Diego. While you’ll certainly get your cardio fix walking through the many shops at Westfield, sign yourself up for a Soul Cycle class if you want to burn some major calories. 


You may have heard of Soul Cycle’s cult-like reputation; after your first ride, you’ll understand why. Clip into your bike and let the music carry you through class. If you’re riding on a weekend or prime-time hours, expect all 55 bikes to be nearly booked to capacity. Get ready to move in sync with your neighbors as you dance and sweat it out on your bike. The name SoulCycle was born for a reason; over the 45-minute ride, your mind, body and soul will be transformed. The dark candlelit room, high vibrational music, and motivating instructor allows for the magic to happen. Post-sweat session shower off in any of the studios gender-neutral bathrooms equipped with all your toiletry needs. 


What better way to recover than with a little retail therapy? After this calorie torching therapy session, shop the studio’s activewear for some branded activewear before you hit the rest of the shops at Westfield. With their very own Soul Style and customized clothing you can expect to find brands like Lululemon, Ultracor, Nike and Beyond Yoga. 

If you’re a student or a new rider receive a discounted rate for your first class, and save when you purchase packages. 


Rush Cycle La Jolla

In between Bird Rock and downtown La Jolla you’ll find Rush Cycle located off La Jolla Boulevard. Every Rush Ride is set to last 45-minutes long, leaving you enough time to get on your bike with your busy schedule, while getting a total body workout. This high intensity ride will give you your cardio fix while adding in a mix of strength training, working your core and upper/lower body. Expect to burn major calories while you pedal your way through this upbeat workout. Whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, you’ll feel at home in this community. The casual atmosphere and friendly staff make it an inviting and supportive environment, encouraging you to show up to your bike. In the dark, music-filled room, you’ll find two rows of bikes with riders of all ages and experience levels. While the studio is on the smaller side, the intimate setting makes it feel more community-based. Drop your belongings in the cubbies and grab a towel on your way in (or out!) the door. After your ride, walk down the street to the infamous Bird Rock Coffee Roasters and treat yourself to a much deserved latte. 


If you’re new to Rush Cycle La Jolla, get a week unlimited for $25 to experience what the studio is all about! After your week is over, monthly memberships, packages and drop in rates are always available!

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