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Meal prep

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Because TRUE Health Starts On the inside

Livkraft and the Cottage are excited to co-launch a thoughtfully curated, health-conscious, transparent, and premiere meal prep service for La Jolla & San Diego.  Introducing  Meal Prep by Livkraft x The Cottage, a fresh & healthy meal prep solution for pick up or delivery. Neighbors have come together during these trying times to provide our loyal local clients with what we believe to be the healthiest, freshest, and most convenient meal prep service available in La Jolla & San Diego.

Our meals feature grass-fed, pasture-raised, non-GMO and humanely raised meats from Da-le Ranch & wild-caught fish. The freshest organic produce from JR Organics & Specialty Produce. Non-GMO Avocado Cooking Oil from Chosen Foods.

All of our meals are Gluten Free, Dairy Free and we offer Plant-Based and Vegan options to compliment our selection of omnivore menu items. The healthcare professionals and other wellness advisors at Livkraft have played a crucial role in developing the menu and the team at the Cottage has done an amazing job making truly healthy food taste incredible.  

We have foraged San Diego for the best ingredients so you and you're family can have a healthy feast. Our health-conscious meals are quick & easy to prepare. Simply follow the reheating instructions and enjoy!

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