The Best Farmers Markets in San Diego

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We're rounding up our list of all the best Farmers Markets in San Diego. What’s not to love about San Diego. With near perfect weather year around, our beautiful sunny days make it not only the perfect place to lounge at the beach, but the best place to shop for any and everything fresh. Here in San Diego we are lucky enough to have farmers markets every single day of the week. With over 50 different markets in the greater San Diego area, you can find a market in most towns with fresh produce from local farms, vendors supporting local artists, live music, dancing, and authentic cuisine. Whether you’re stocking up on market goods or just roaming around to sample all the yummy products, you won’t want to miss out on this San Diego experience.

Here are a couple of the best farmers markets in San Diego and what gives them each their own individual charm:

Table of vegetables at the farmer's market

Little Italy Mercato

When: Everyday Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. , year round 

Where: W. Date Street from Kettner Boulevard to Front Street

Dog friendly: Yes

The best San Diego market for weekly grocery shopping… fruits and veggies galore! Little Italy has over 200 vendors and this market is filled with everything from tons of yummy food vendors to local artists and handmade clothes. Try supporting local farmers by enjoying the freshest produce.

Must haves:

Jr Organics - This San Diego farm located in Escondido and they have such a large variety of organic fruits and vegetables to stock up on. Definitely pick up a couple round zucchini (looks like sphere shaped squash & come in all colors) fun to stuff and cook. Don't forget to grab strawberries!

Prager Brothers - Organic, hand shaped, artisan bread. What sets them apart is that all their loaf’s are technically sourdough, so they are all  fermented for a day before they bake. This means it is easier for digestion and alot of people who have trouble consuming gluten can actually enjoy this bread.

Superfood and Co - Best cold brew coffee and kefir soda in the game...not to mention filled with superfoods. Their most popular coffee would be the Mexican blend bringing a sweet and cinnamon twist to your morning’s. You can't really go wrong when it comes to choosing a kifer flavor, but their OG flavor called “Ginger Raider” will hydrate and brighten up any day. Bring your growler and fill up. 


Artisan bread at the farmer's market


When: Everyday Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. , year round 

Where: Paul Ecke Elementary School 185 Union Street, Encinitas, CA 92024

Dog friendly: No (unless service animal) 

The best San Diego market to find specialty food…whether you’re keto, vegan, paleo (you name it) Leucadia has a little over 75 vendors and many cater to food specific diets. Head to Leucadia in Encinitas for all this market has to offer.

Must haves:

San Diego Tempeh - use as an organic, soy free, clean source of protein in plant based dishes

Fully Loaded Juice - a local organic, raw, and cold pressed juice to help your body load up on greens and vitamins

Nomad Eats - Organic, plant based, clean/minimal ingredient Nacho Cheeze sauce and they sell a Mac and Cheeze sauce. Good for throwing on noodles and making easy healthy mac and cheese. Most importantly it is kid approved!

Cultured Provisions - Cultured cashew based spreads. Amazing on everything from crackers to dipping in veggies as a healthy snack. Meanwhile you will be loading up on probiotics since all the products are cultured.


Cheese being sold at the farmer's market

Ocean Beach

When: Everyday Wednesday  4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. , year round 

Where: 4900 Block of Newport Avenue between Cable and Bacon street in Ocean Beach

Dog friendly: Yes

Head to Ocean Beach San Diego and you'll find the best market for high energy & good vibes… Live music, food, and oh so much art. This market goes off every Wednesday afternoon. Head toward the beach and you may even catch locals joining together for some acro-yoga on the grass! Grab a bite, dance around, and people watch.

Must haves:

Soulmuch Cookies - Zero waste, GF, vegan, refined sugar free COOKIES! Amazing company who goes to local restaurants and collects quinoa and brown rice that would normally be thrown away at the end of the day. They take these grains and dehydrate them into GF flour. They also collect juice pulp from local juice companies to help create their unique flavors. They sweeten with maple syrup and coconut sugar. Our personal favorites are the Carrot Cookie or Chocolate chip. 

Buddha Sauce  - Organic plant based dressing & marinade. Along with their amazing dressing they sell buddha bowls at the stand. These bowls are gluten free and organic. Filled with mixed grains, kale, veggies, seeds & nuts, and topped with their signature dressing. 

Golden Coast Mead - Honey + Water + yeast = Mead! Mead is an alcoholic drink, Golden Coast has then range from 5 - 12 % ABV and a variety of flavors. All gluten free and low in sugar. A fun and healthier beverage to try. 


Cookies sitting out on trays

La Jolla Open Aire Market

When: Every Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. , year round 

Where:7335 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

Dog friendly: No (unless service animal) 

There’s no better way to cap off the weekend than a Sunday trip to the La Jolla farmers market! The market was founded in 1998 with 14 farmers and one single artisan in an effort to support La Jolla children in funding a library and a librarian. The market has since grown into a community event with over 120 vendors coming together every Sunday, bringing the local community together. Different from other markets, all proceeds from the La Jolla farmers market go toward La Jolla Elementary, supporting the children while highlighting all La Jolla has to offer. You’ll find everything from local, organic produce to booths by some of the most popular eateries! Come grab a bite, support your local farmers, and know all of your purchases go toward supporting the children! 

Must haves:

Raw Revelations - A holistic dream. Superfoods and herbal supplements. Everything is sourced organic and wild-crafted herbs whenever possible. They have almost every superfood imaginable and their vendors are always very knowledgeable about each product. Their medicinal mushroom “Immunity Matrix” is always a go to for me to throw into my smoothies or juices every morning.

Juice Made - A new company on the juice scene. They do canned juices that contain mostly organic and ALL local farmed fruits and veggies. All their juices are raw and cold pressed as well. You can create your own custom blend or try one of their creations. They also offer cleanses if you're looking to detox and reset your palate. Their most popular juice would have to be the “Ginger Made” , a perfect blend of sweet, green, and spicy ginger. 

Rootshine Turmeric - Ever heard of a golden milk latte? Well that essentially what their golden powder packets are crafted to create. A blend of Coconut milk powder, turmeric powder, maple syrup powder, ceylon cinnamon, and black pepper. This blend is made from all organic ingredients to produce a delicious, anti-inflammatory, golden latte.


Fresh squeezed juice at the farmer's market

Pacific Beach 

When: Every Tuesday  2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. , year round 

Where: Bayard St. between Garnet & Grand

Dog friendly: Yes

Pacific Beach San Diego is the place to be. This Tuesday farmers market is the best market to take a date. Try swapping out date night for a stroll at the market! Catch the sunset with your dinner and enjoy all Pacific Beach has to offer.

Must haves:

Love granola - GF, oil free, sugar free, and vegan! Clean ingredient granola that isn't baked in loads of oil. Not to mention delicious and filling. She sells large bags to take home and small grab and go  (leak proof) bags that are the perfect size to pour your favorite milk in for cereal when you're in a rush. My favorite flavor would be “Aloha Crunch” and during the holidays you have to get your hands on her gingerbread flavor!

Kawano Farms - Fresh organic produce. Such beautiful fruits and veggies such as heirloom cherry tomatoes, romanesco cauliflower, and green beans of all colors (yes not just green). Can't forget to mention all the mushrooms from good ole crimini and portobello all the way to shiitake and trumpet.

Edible Alchemy - Probiotics and adaptogens for the win. They have everything!  Kimchi, sauerkraut (get the “Green Detox”), cultured coconut yogurt (mango flavor is out of this world), kombucha, mushroom seasoning, and adaptogenic mushroom tinctures. This company truly uses food as medicine.

Woman picking out vegetables at the farmer's market

After you're done exploring one of the fabulous farmer's markets in San Diego, stop by Livkraft in La Jolla to round out the perfect self-care day. From float therapy and cryotherapy to facials, you'll leave looking and feeling your best. Book an appointment to get started.

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