5 Tips & Tricks For a Better Night Sleep

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1. Swap out screen time

We have all heard the negative effects screen time has on how we sleep. The blue light that our phones or laptops emit makes it harder for our brain to signal for melatonin release. Try swapping out screen time for meditation, coloring, or reading. Our favorite meditation app would be The Muse App. If you struggle meditating, Muse is a great app to use. Muse gives you real-time feedback on your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and movements using EEG hardware in the form of a sleek headpiece to transform your meditation practice. Your brain waves are translated into the sounds of weather (how cool?). The more active your mind is, the louder the weather gets. With hundreds of meditations to choose from, find a style that suits your needs. You can use the app to track your progress, view insights, & get personalized tips to enhance your practice. It has a huge variety of guided meditation as well as meditation music.

Coloring? Yes! They actually make adult coloring books. A good one for winding down would be “Color Me Calm” a zen mandala coloring book. Lastly, we suggest reading. When in doubt grab one of those books you bought in hopes to read but can never “find the time”. Reading is always a sure way to get those eyelids to shut. 

2. CBD

Have you experienced the magic of incorporating CBD into your night routine? Cannabinoids, the compound found in cannabis, is free of THC. It is key at relieving pain, inflammation, and anxiety in the body. There are a lot of brands out there but Nanocraft CBD is our go-to! Nanocraft’s products are organic and go through a refining process to ensure there are no traces of THC left in their products. They even use a process called nano emulsion which transforms their CBD into nano sized emulsions making it the most bioavailable product on the market. They are the cream of the crop. Nanocraft has many amazing products but when it comes to sleeping, opt for the Night Formula or Gold Series. Nanocraft’s CBD Oil Night Formula is a 300 mg CBD infused with lavender, passion flower, and melatonin. The 1000 mg CBD Oil Drop - Gold Series Tincture is one of our favorites. This one is more potent and does the trick for sleep as well as aid in stress relief during the day!

3. Magnesium

When it comes to sleep, magnesium is another supplement we love. This supplement helps with the production of GABA. GABA is a neurotransmitter that helps with the brain’s nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, while boosting mood. The higher levels of GABA in your body the better the sleep. Our favorite magnesium supplement brand is Natural Vitality’s Calm Powder. One teaspoon in water before bed and you’re good to go! They also have various flavor options like lemon raspberry, cherry, sweet lemon, and orange. To be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of them. All flavors are tasty and leave the water slightly carbonated, the perfect way to wind down the evening!

4. Blackout 

Your sleep environment plays a huge part in the quality of your sleep. Without realizing it, most people have at least one thing that’s lit up or glowing in our bedroom. Whether it’s a digital clock display, television, phone screen, or street light coming through the window, our bedroom environment is usually disrupted. Though small, these lighting disturbances affect your biological clock. A sure way to avoid disturbances and guarantee a dark sleep environment? Try using a sleep mask. We love the SLIP sleep mask. Made from the highest grade of mulberry silk, this mask is comfortable and comes in an assortment of colors using non toxic dyes. 

5. Form a Sleep Routine

Form a sleep routine. When you go to bed at the same time every night, your biological clock will recognize this and signal the body to wind down at the same time each night. It can be as simple as utilizing the bedtime feature on your iPhone, or setting a timer each evening to commence your bedtime routine. If you want to get serious with your sleep, try the Oura ring to track your sleep and recovery. Based on your sleep data, the Oura ring recommends a personalized bedtime to optimize recovery. The Oura ring also tracks your amount of light sleep, deep sleep, REM, and total time in bed vs time actually asleep. It can even tell if you ate too close to bed, or had one too many glasses of wine. It lets you know how your sleep affects your wellness the next day. Aside from sleep it can also track your steps and much more during the way. The Oura ring is easily the most advanced when it comes to tracking sleep and recovery.

To have the most restful night's sleep possible, combine these five tips with one of Livkraft's luxury self-care services. Our favorites to help sleep quality are float therapy, massage, and red light therapy. You can easily book any of these and other treatments online or stop by our utterly serene wellness spa in La Jolla.

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