Healthy Date Night in the Village

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February is here and love is in the air. Looking to keep your New Year’s Resolutions in check and still have a fun night on the town? Head to the Village and experience all Downtown La Jolla has to offer. We’ve picked out our favorite healthy spots for you to explore – whether you’re still getting to know each other or you’re already attached at the hip, trying new experiences together is a great way to deepen your connection. Keep the sparks flying while keeping unwanted pounds at bay with our Healthy Date Night ideas. No need for the typical dinner and a movie with all of Downtown La Jolla here to explore! Grab your partner and stretch it out together, enjoy a healthy post-workout bite, and top it off with some relaxation and recovery at Livkraft, our Luxury Wellness Spa. 


Open your Heart at Buddhi Yoga

Celebrate love with some heart openers alongside your partner! Roll out your yoga mat and prepare for a relaxing evening. Start your date at Buddhi Yoga in downtown La Jolla. Voted La Jolla’s best studio, you’ll find Buddhi conveniently located above Lululemon on Girard Street (a little retail therapy anybody!?) Exercise is known to be a libido-booster after all… what better way to set the mood! This beautiful, open studio has floor to ceiling glass windows stretching throughout the entire room, overlooking a beautiful courtyard with a succulent garden. With a wide variety of classes, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Whether you work up a sweat with a Mixed Vinyasa or opt for a Slow Flow and restorative stretch, you and your date will get your heart pumping and cultivate a connection. 


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Parakeet Cafe

You don’t have to sacrifice your healthy habits for a dinner date. When you want all the taste without the guilt, head to Parakeet Café. With local, fresh, organic ingredients and a pink-centric atmosphere, how could you not feel the love! With everything from GF cacao waffles, bottomless grilled veggie bowls, and sinfully good vegan, GF and keto pastry options, you and your date will definitely fall in love… with the menu, that is! With plenty of healthy chocolate infused items to choose from, spice up the romance with this known aphrodisiac. We love the Adaptogen Mushroom Cacao Latte, GF Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie and the Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Protein Balls! 


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Turn up the Heat with a Sauna Session at Livkraft

The hottest place for a date night... a couples infrared sauna session at Livkraft! With our XL sauna, you and your partner can turn up the heat and sweat it out together. Instead of dinner and a movie.. detox and a movie! We have a variety of entertainment options to choose from on our wifi equipped tablets. Relax and open up your heart (and your pores!) in this intimate setting as you get your heart pumping, increase circulation, and boost the production of those feel good hormones in response to the heat. 

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